The New York Times Style Magazine, "A Revitalizing Summer Face Mask Recipe — From the Garden" – June 2016
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"Sondker applied her extensive knowledge of the plant kingdom into Horticulture Skin Care, her own beauty company, which launched recently."

Sunset Magazine, "Best of the West" – April, 2016
"Portland's Horticulture makes a divinely scented potion from 14 plant oils."

Gardenista "Natural Skincare from Horticulture" — April 2016
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"Concocted from natural ingredients in a backyard studio in Portland, Oregon, Horticulture Plant Potion face oil is a botanical blend of 14 oils “to make your skin look luminous,” says company founder Juree Sondker."

The Horticult, "Garden Glow" interview – March 2016
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"Like “liquid gold” in a bottle and aromatic silk on your skin, Plant Potion is basically a who’s who of skin-nourishing botanicals."

Gardening Gone Wild, "Why I Love Horticultural Oils" – April, 2016
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"When I found out that Juree’s skin care potion combines 14 botanicals that promote cell turnover, skin rejuvenation, and collagen production—while nourishing the skin and calming the inflammation everyday stress can cause—I had to have it."


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